The Oz Principle
by Craig Hickman, Tom Smith, Roger Connors

This is the ultimate guide on “calling out” Excuses and driving Accountability through your group. It provides a practical hands on approach and language for taking ownership and getting things done. I give a copy of it to every manager who works for me.

ZAPP! The Power of Empowerment
by William Byham

This quick read shows “Management Style” at its best and worst. You will want to leave it on someone’s desk. Just make sure you read it first.

Atlas Shrugged

by  Ayn Rand

This book takes some effort to get through, but it is worth it.  It lays out the fundamental importance of entrepreneurs and business in our society.  It should be mandatory reading for everyone.

Go to "The One Minute Manager" page  One Minute Manager

This book provides great everyday guidelines to having honest straight-forward conversations with your employees on a daily basis.  Learning to have simple conversations regarding performance builds an environment of trust and performance.


2 Responses to “Reading List”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Love this list. I’ve often thought someone should make Obama read “Atlas Shrugged.” Actually, I haven’t read “Oz” yet, but I’m putting it on my “want to read” list.

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